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Mary Shelley once wrote “There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand” you feel like that? Are you insatiably drawn to black clothing, fascinated by the macabre, and constantly drawn to the dead and broken things? You, like us, could be a Goth... and you, like us, might just need in your life.


Goth (and other subcultures) are more than clothing... They are about music, history, humour, art, and lifestyle. Of course they are about clothing as well, but there is so much richness in subculture that should not be over looked, and this is why we are completely obsessed with it. We don't just work here... we live the Gothic and Alternative lifestyle, we bleed Gothic culture, and we love Gothic clothing! That's why you can count on us for all of your Gothic and Alternative clothing and accessory needs! It's our mission to keep our store up to date with the hottest Alt items, the most exciting Gothic and Alternative brands, and the best hints, tips, and lists for people who live the life, as we do.


What you might not know about the team is that Gothic clothing and culture is what we're thinking about before falling asleep 6am... and it's the first thing we think about when we wake. Not one of us can go five minutes without imagining which Necessary Evil item would work best teamed with some Iron Fist shoes, or which Punk Rave trousers would go well with which Restyle accessories... and it gets worse... you can't imagine how much time we spend compiling lists of inspiring Gothic Icons and figuring how to put their outfit together from what's in store. We want to help you become the Addams or Tank girl you've always wanted to be! It doesn't stop there... I personally spend time figuring out how to turn Devil Fashion pieces into the most perfect Halloween costumes that can then be recycled into your existing Goth wardrobe. It's insane.


Like I said, we are obsessive, but that's what keeps full of ultra Alt pieces that are also totally easy to match and throw together into stunning outfits with hardly any effort! We work tirelessly to keep our virtual shelves stocked with affordable must have items and 'wow' pieces too!