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Curvy Controversy

As a mainly ladies clothing store, ladies dress sizing is always a hot topic here! It is super important for us to cater for all our customers (present and future) with a great range of clothing in the sizes they require, and as women come in all shapes and sizes, this is not the easiest of tasks!

We often get a messages or comments on our social pages from our plus size customers, saying that they don’t feel we have enough plus size clothing, and highlighting that the average dress size in the UK is increasing and size ranges should reflect this. Ladies, we agree with you! We need a wider range of items available in a wider range of sizes!

Sometimes we get messages from Ladies who feel insulted and alienated because of the lack of plus size alternative clothing that is available – not just in our store, but everywhere. We also get a few complaints with regards to how we talk about sizing and what we refer to a S, M, L, XL and so on. Ladies are upset to hear a UK 14 being called a large. Again we agree!

However this doesn’t make the retailers, the brands or the manufacturers bad guys! We wanted to write a blog that explains sizing from a retail perspective to see if we could dispel some of the negativity around it, and get things moving towards the positive!


Lets tackle the hottest issue first, the one we receive the most emails about.

“Why isn’t there more plus size clothing on the Kate’s Clothing website?”

Ladies, as the KC team is made up of Ladies and Gents of ALL sizes, let me tell you we would LOVE to have all of our pretties in a size to suit everyone! We are passionate about alternative clothing and gothic clothing, and we want you all to have the pretties you want in the size you want, unfortunately there are a few challenging reasons why this can’t be the case!

The main reason is that not all manufacturers make all items in a large range of sizes. Here at KC HQ we always try to stock the biggest size range available to us in each item, so often if we don’t have it in plus sizes it is because the item does not exist in Plus Size (This can also be the case for the extra small and petite sizes too!) However things have been steadily improving over the past 10 years and you should know that it is NOT because alternative clothing brands don’t want to cater for you!

When Kate’s Clothing began, the standard size range was UK 8, 10, 12, and 14… a size UK 16 was a rare treat for the alt. girl, but slowly over the years we seen size UK 16 become a standard in brands size ranges and size UK 18 being more and more common place recently too! This is because the clothing companies are listening to you, but change takes time… and also plenty of money (!) which is one thing a lot of our beloved niche brands don’t have a lot of! It takes a lot of investment to create clothing and it is seriously hard to predict what designs will be popular in general, let alone what will be popular within a particular size range. It is important to remember that so every time a brand creates some clothing it is a gamble and a risk that could end a company or brand, and when you add the cost of creating expanded sizes ranges to that you at least doubling that risk!

We are glad to see some of the larger companies like Hell Bunny leading the way and manufacturing plus size ranges in more and more of their popular items. We hope that with plus sizes becoming more available to the stores, the store will intern buy more plus size ranges increasing the demand for them. This should then allow some smaller companies to take the risk of creating plus size ranges too, as they are able to see them working in lots of store with lots of other brands! We can see the beginnings of this with niche brand Kreepsville666 who recently started adding UK size 18 to their ranges because they are listening to the demand of fans and stores!

We cannot talk about plus size clothing, without talking about the Gothic Clothing Brand Necessary Evil! Necessary Evil have tried tirelessly over the years to increase their plus size range and listen to their fans, they are champions of the Gothic Plus Size movement. If enough fans shout out and say they want to see a particular design in plus sizes Necessary Evil will try so hard to make it happen!

We really want to change the perception that brands purposefully ignoring plus or petite size women. It is so important for fans to recognise that brands can’t make every thing in every size, making larger size ranges takes a huge amount of investment. However we understand that it is also important for brands communicate with their fans. Then if the fans really create a demand for something, the brand can respond! So well done Necessary Evil for taking things forward and being pro active! They even took public steps towards spreading plus size love by sponsoring ‘Miss Plus Size UK’ contestants!

For more information on PLUS SIZE Clothing and the mystery behind sizing bracket, read more over on our Alt Side blog!

Feel free to email us with any further questions at enquires @ Katesclothing.com (remove the spaces!)



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Necessary Evil

  • A bit of a favourite at Kate's Clothing, Necessary Evil is the real deal, designed by people who love gothic and alternative clothing. It's all about styling and creating shape and generally comes in black. Most items come in sizes 8 to 18 with a few styles in plus sizes too.
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    Kreepsville 666

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  • T.U.K. born in the UK, raised in the US of A. Purveyors of the almighty classic creeper as well as a non stop supply of updated underground styles for men and women.

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  • Spiral printed t-shirts, dresses and ultimate gothic classics.
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