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Bloodstock Outdoor 08
Bloodstock Outdoor 07


OK Goths we are fast approaching the first of the two Whitby Gothic Weekenders happening in 2013. This is definitely one of the biggest and best dressing up opportunities this year… let’s not miss out on the chance to go all out!

Here at KC HQ we have been slaving away over boxes of clothing, living on black coffee and working all through the night to bring you our top outfit choices from our Whitby Dressing up box!

We have come up with a selection of 'must have' key items for your Whitby wardrobe all grouped together in genre. So whatever look you are trying to achieve at Whitby we will have a little cluster of gems already outlined for you, to help you on your way! This three part style guide will feature GOTHIC STEAMPUNK, GOTHIC VAMPIRE and a style we like to call TRULY GOTHIC for those of you who love all things Gothic but hate to put a label on it!

 So creatures of the night, here it is our WGW style guide starting with STEAMPUNK for the Ladies and the Gents!

Ladies of Steampunk

Ladies of Steampunk, There are a few items most women can not be without, especially for a festival weekend, but we are more concerned with what you are going to keep these items in?! I don’t need to tell you how important authenticity is when wearing a Steampunk outfit, do not be let down by your handbag!Seen above is the Restyle Steampunk Stories bag, which is, as you can see, a great size for carrying your essentials plus a few books, or your kindle. However if this bag isn’t for you why not check out this Gem: The Banned Steampunk Handbag!

Another important part of a good Steampunk outfit is a high impact base item, a garment that has a strong style that you can build the rest of your outfit around. We featured two of our favourites in the image above, The Lip Service Sateen Steampunk Dress and The Lip Service Sateen Steampunk Skirt! Both stunning garements made from high quality fabric with all the style you would expect from Lip Service’s Black Steam range!
Don’t be disheartened though, if these pieces are not your cup of tea we have a plethora of other Steampunk garments ready to set off your Steampunk look a treat! Check out some of these awesome pieces we have in from Spin Doctor, many of which feature this Bronze and Black striped fabric making them really easy to pair up!

Lastly a key thing to consider when dressing Steampunk is accessorising! You need to have a complete artillery of powerful, authentic Steampunk accessories crowning your look to give you that well thought through, stylish, appearance. Above you can see The Demonia Tweed Boots and Demonia Steampunk Shoes shoes ideal to finish off most Stemapunk outfits... and why not add a parasol / umbrella to your outfit? These are a great, functional accessory that will keep you looking tip top whatever the weather!

Steampunk Men

For our Steampunk Sirs the rules are not very different. A strong base outfit is key, something well fitted and stylish should under pin you look and allow you to build up some really unique style from there. Featured above is the subtle and strong Chronus outfit from Necessary Evil. Made up from matching Chronus trousers, a Chronus shirt, and a Chronus waist coat, all with brass button detail, ideal for you to expand on with key accessories into your perfect Steampunk get up!

 It is also advisable to have a striking key garment or accessory that really encapsulates the Steampunk genre, your ace card, if you will! The quirky and powerful jacket from Lip Service featured above in bronze check fabric is a great example of a key piece! To keep your authenticity levels high it is a good idea to find a key piece no one else will have and seeing as Lip Service isn’t easy to get hold of in the UK this piece is perfect!

Finally, of course it is still important to accessorize your Steampunk look! Many people opt for some home made, unique accessories or props, but we have a few that might help you along the road to Steampunk success! Alchemy Gothic is a great place to start when it comes to accessories, featured in the compilation above is the Alchemy Empire Anguistralobe Pendant on the top left, Alchemy Gothic Gearwheel Buttons on the top right, Alchemy Empire Spectrostatic Nocturnium Bracelet middle right, and Alchemy Gothic Venus Gothic Necklace middle left! 

They also have a great collection of Steampunk bags, above is The Alchemy Empire Wing Commander's Attache Pouch but don’t over look The Alchemy Empire Intrepid Valise Bag and the ultimate Alchemy Empire 10,000 Leagues Gladstone Bag!

... Next up The Gothic Vampire!

Gothic Vampire

Part two of our Whitby Goth Weekend style guide surrounds one of our favourite styles… The Gothic Vampire! One of the most classic looks in gothic culture Gothic Vampire draws on elements of Traditional and Romantic Gothic style but with the added dark influence of vampire mythology and also with the use of more modern fabrics and textures! With fabrics such as velvet and satin taking a back seat, Gothic designers are working with lighter more versatile fabrics to update the traditional gothic look and create some interesting combinations of shape and texture in their garments.

For our Gothic Vampire collection we have chosen garments with powerful, strong, lines juxtaposed with bustled or flowing fabric/lace to create that timeless vampy combination of power and femininity. In our compilation above you can from left to right you can see The Necessary Evil venda top teamed with the Necessary Evil Serida Adjustable Skirt, The Re-Agenz adjustable dressThe Lip Service Bustle Skirt, The Necessary Evil Nepthys Top and Aurora Bustle skirt.

We are not excluding the boys though! Gentlemen of course make great vampires and Necessary Evil is one brand geared up to making that happen. Featured above is the Loki Waistcoat with Slaine shirt but to get a heavier male vamp look check out The Loki trench coat! 

To dress up your vampire outfit we have chosen accessories with high contrasting colours or textures, inspired by the creatures of the night! In our compilation you can see The Dark silver claw ring made from Sterling Silver – very Lestat, The Restyle Necromancer Necklace, The Raven Boots from Hades ShoesThe Restyle Vampire Aristocrat NecklaceThe Restyle Asymmetric Gloves, but as always these are not our only vampire inspired accessories and shoes! For the full range check out the website!

…And now for the last section of our Whitby Goth Weekend style guide, Truly Gothic!

Our Truly Gothic section falls into halves; the first features some items that we just adore that fit into various genres of Gothic styles, items that change genre depending on how you dress them. These timeless gothic classics are must haves for any stylish Goth!
The second half features some more unusual gothic choices. These are items for those of you who really want to try something new or unusual as part of your WGW wardrobe, taking a little inspiration from Visual Kei, Punk, and Aggrotech!

There is just one thing all these items have in common… they are truly Gothic!

Classically Gothic

As part of the first collection of items you can see our favorite classically Gothic accessories and garments, made excellent by their traditional Gothic sensabilities!

From Left to right we have our male model in the Necessary Evil Slaine Trousers, Loki waistcoat and Llorna Fishnet Top, followed by The White Alpheto Shirt, Pamela Mann Gothic Cross Tights, Demonia Coresseted Boots, Dark Silver Snake Ring, Fantasmagoria Absinthe Choker, Dark Star Coffin Bag, The New Necessary Evil Morrigan Dress and The Shala Dress!

Alternative Gothic wear

Finally to wrap up out Whitby Style Guide we have some exciting and unusual items chosen for their modern edge ready to breath some life into your exisiting Gothic wardrobe!

 From Left to right you can see The Punk Rave Nocturna Top and Nocturna Skirt, The Hades Triton High Heels in Burgundy, The Re-Agenz Gothic Hood, The Punk Rave Furriku Jacket, The Restyle Satanic Stachel and the Lip Service Tartan Ball Gown!

I hope you have all enjoy this injection of Whitby inspired style! We would love to hear your thoughts and comments so please feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook, Twitter and Website!

facebook kateclothingKC Twitterkatesclothing pinteresttumblr katesclothing


Welcome to the first blog in our new series ‘Necessary Evil Brand Collision…’ Each month we will be picking a brand that we absolutely love and giving you some ideas of how to achieve some classic alternative styles through teaming that brand alternative brand with Necessary Evil! Today we are going to be looking at GOTHIC INDUSTRIAL with our German friends at RE-AGENZ!

Unlike many other Gothic subcultures the Gothic Industrial style or Rivet Head style aims to make a statement with as few dress components as possible and is deeply inspired by military sharpness, controversial elements from fetish wear and the harshness of punk aesthetics creating a sleek, dark, and powerful style of dress that perfectly mirrors the music and the mindset of the culture.

industrial   Industrial style   industrial  

RE-AGENZ are an ultra stylish, German, underground, alternative brand. Their clothing is only stocked by a few select retailers making is extremely desirable, plus making it very unlikely you are going to run into someone wearing the same clothes as you should decide to invest in some of their pieces. The signature feature of RE-AGENZ clothing is clean, sharp lines juxtaposed with bondage inspired rings and straps. However I’d like to mention they make some great quirky bags too!

reagenz   reagenz

Brand Collision 1 features The Re-Agenz Future Tech Coat coupled with the Llorna Long sleeve lace top and Venda Suspender skirt. The Future tech coat is made from a stiff fabric that gives the garment excellent shape and those classic sharp lines. It also takes influence from Military style in is fastening and collar. Then, Using the Llorna lace top underneath the coat, we highlight the shape and cut of the coat. Finally the outfit is topped off with the Venda skirt which not only has great lines but also nods towards the fetish influence on industrial styles of dress. No need to accessories with this outfit, keep it plain and let the garments speak for themselves. 

Brand Collision 2 features The Re-Agenz Bolero teamed up with Necessary Evils Aasith Leggings and Lilith Top, However the idea of this out fit is to show thtat with one key peice of Industrial wear you can take the most standard of Gothic outfits and give it some Industrial va-va-voom! You don't have to change your entire wardrobe to get a new look, just think about how you can wear certain items differently! 

collision 1    collision2


We are a festive bunch here at KC HQ... well, I say this... What I mean is that we love any excuse for a dress up here at KC HQ and one of the best times of year for this is CHRISTMAS!

We recently did a little photo shoot, in preparation for the festive season, to showcase some of what we will be dressing up in this year and, in true Kate's Clothing style, this is how we did it...

First we rounded up some lovely curvy models, drowned them in Hell Bunny, Spin Doctor, Necessary Evil and Kreepsville. Then we collected a load of skulls, feathers and any unsettling props we could find. Next we got Santa drunk, took him to a tattoo parlour, tattooed him, killed him and revived him into a zombie. Put all these elements together in one of Birmingham's most haunted bar and finally, for a cherry on the Christmas cake, we chucked a 12ft python into the mix... And these are our results!


group1   group2   group3

Unfortunately, what the image can't do is actually tell you about the outfits!  Of course, as fashion fans, this is what we are really interested in! So here is a break down of who is wearing what... and why! We styled each girl to represent the main genres we stock at Kate's Clothing, these being Gothic, Retro/50's, Steampunk and Metal/Rock...



For our Gothic look we chose the Necessary Evil Llorna top and adjustable Serida skirt and accessoried this with facinator, and Fantasmagoria Baroness cuffs We wanted to get a very wearable, traditional Gothic look, not one that was unachievable or impossible to wear.

Gothic girl


Retro 50's

We kept things very simple with our Rockabilly girl as she had a great personal style with tattoos and plenty of pericings. She wore a plain black Ursula Dress fromhttp://www.katesclothing.co.uk/Hell-Bunny-s/52.htm Hell Bunny with bright red petticoat and cherry head scarf.

 Rockabilly   rockabilly


We went for a look that was a little harder to wear with our Steampunk girl.Steampunk is all about making a grand effort and accessorizing, there should be not quick fixes or short cuts to looking steampunk - if you are going there, make sure you go all the way! We dressed our model in a Steampunk buckle jacket from Spin doctor and a matching Isis skirt and teamed this up with the Necessary Evil Iris shirt and Demonia steampunk boots. The eye patch is from Alchemy Gothic.

steampunk   steampunk

Rock/Metal For our Metal girl we used all the metal classics, big boots, studded belts, and slashed top. The top is a Necessary Evil Slashed top, her skirt is the awesome cleaver skirt form Kreepsville 666, her tights are the Tattoo Bone Tights and Of course the boots were New Rocks!



Here at Kate's Clothing we understand how much our fashionable friends love shoes – because we do too! That is why, this November, we have teamed up with one of our favourite brands, T.U.K. Shoes, to bring you a give away that is hot to trot!

These beautiful, Victorian inspired, Gothic T.U.K boots, worth £85.99 can be yours with just a few clicks and some creativity!

 tuk logo Gothic BOOTS


To enter, simply send us a tweet @kates_clothing, describing what the best thing is about having new shoes. After a week we will take a vote here at KC HQ and the most entertaining tweet will win the shoes – simple!


Here are just a few rules you'll need to stick to , to make sure your entry is valid.

  1. All tweets must start @kates_clothing and end #TUK

  2. Tweets must must comply with twitters own terms and conditions

  3. Tweets are not to contain any hateful or harmful messages.

  4. Making multiple accounts to have multiple entries is strictly against the rules however you can enter up to 5 times from your own account


And finally here is some other important info

  1. The competition will run until 12 noon GMT, on Friday 16th Of November 2012

  2. The winner will be announced at 5pm, on Friday 16th of November 2012

  3. The most entertaining tweet will win.  It can be descriptive, fun, passionate, surreal, anything BUT negative, hateful or harmful.

  4. The winner will be decided by vote here at KC HQ – however we will take into consideration if a particular tweet has been very popular with comments or re-tweets


Lastly, and just because I like to repeat myself... ALL TWEETS MUST COMPLY WITH TWITTERS OWN TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


Happy Tweeting – can't want to read your entries!!!!!


Nice to see you've return, you devilish delight! Time for part 3 of our All Hallows blog special. This edition is dedicate to the Day of the Dead! Yes that's right forget 'Living Dead Girl' it's all about Day of the dead girl! Beautiful sugar skulls, colourful flowers and celebration of life now passed all inspired by Mexican colour and heat! Paint up for face, up-do your hair and dowse yourself in skulls, bones, black lace and marigolds (flowers not gloves) to achieve this macabre look!

First up is our bright and classic version of the day of the dead look, modernised with some detailed prints. Here you can see a beautifial Hell Bunny 50's dress with Geisha print, Iron Fist Lady Killer Shoes and Lady Killer bag, Tattoo print tights, Red Rose Nail Wraps, Fingerless diamante gloves, Silver Voodoo earrings, and Black rose hair clips with feathers.

day of the dead girl

For our next Day of the Dead Look we've gone with something a little more Voodoo, all based around bones and blood, again, slap on some sugar skull style face paint and your look is complete. In the image below you can see a Red fascinator hat with black lace, a Kreepsville charm bracelet, Skull/Heart Necklace, and Red Skeleton Dress, Bone print tights, Skull belt, Skull candle, Make-up from Manic Panic,Iron Fist Siesta Skull Shoes, a Hell Bunny Mexican swing dress, and a heart shaped red umbrella!



Hello Halloween Heroes! Time for part two of the Kates Clothing Halloween Fashion Frenzy!

This part is dedicated not to the Zombie but to the ZOMBIE SLAYER! This Halloween why not kit yourself up in some of our Zombie inspired items, grab yourself a home made weapon against the Zombie apocalypse and take the night to save the day! There will no doubt be plenty of zombie for you cull and maybe a few hot blooded bodies for you to protect...Unlike our Vampire outfits, our zombie slayer collection embraces colour, print and b-movie culture, ideal for any rave from beyond the grave...

Round 1 from our Zombie Slayer collection is our CASUAL KILLER look, easy to wear, colourful and comfortable, you can be up all night in this collection of treats! Just slap on some a few flesh wounds and your away! Below you can see Punk Rave Spiked Gloves, Kreepsville Brains bag, Reanimate Love Necklace and Skeleton Tunic Dress, Zombie Jeans from Jist, My Zombie Killing T-shirt and some lovely Monstor girl clips!

If you wanted to got out in something a little more feminine and dress we have come up with a ZOM-BABE outift designed to be worn as you teeter away for the living dead looking glamourous and tastey! Alternatively you could always dress this outfit up with some zombie make up... 'get away from the infected? as if I can run in these shoes!'
Round 2 below features Wet look lace top stocking, Blood Splatter stockings, Demonia Blood Splatter shoes and another Skeleton Dress and Heart/Skull necklace from Kreepsville 666

Finally in round 3 here is something for our ZOMBOYS! A causual killer look all of their own - finish this look off with a home made (non dangerous or fake) weapon and a little fake blood!
Featuted here: Kreepsville Brains Workshirt and Zombia cap, My Zombie Killing t-shirt (mens), Disturbia Looser t-shirt, spiked wristband and studded gloves.


Here at Kate's Clothing we get extremely excited about Halloween, so to vent some of that excitement and share it with you all, we have come up with a collection of Halloween inspired outfits built from combinations of items currently available on the website. Each outfit falls within one of 5 categories, each of which will appear as its own blog here on our blog space and as its own album on our facebook... so with out further a-do let us begin


The iconography and imagery surrounding Vampires must be one of the biggest influences on Gothic style and fashion since it all began, so this Halloween why not embrace this and venture out as a classic Gothic Vampire...

Featured below are The Necessary Evil Alpheto Blouse , Necessary Evil Serida Lace Adjustable Skirt, Alchemy Gothic Vampire Ring, Fantasamgoria Absinthe Choker, Pleaser Mid-Calf Boots, Marie Antoinett earring from Alchemy Gothic and a set of Bat earrings

                                                                                  Classical vamp    

If you prefer a more industrial look then teaming up some trash element with clean industrial lines will give you a great Blade style vampire look....

Featured below are Necessary Evil HighwayMan Coat,  Re-agenz Dress, Punk Rave Cage Top and Punk Rave Spiked Gloves 

    industrial vamp

Fancy a bit less trick and a bit more treat? Then maybe try out our Gothic Fanger look, a racier take on the traditional vamp.

Featured are all things blood inspried including  The Hell Bunny Jessica Dress, Angels and Demons Chocker, Demonia Corseted Buckle Boots, Necessary Evil Steam Punk Top,  Necessary Evil Harti Jacket, Keepsville Vamp BagHell Bunny Rock Dress,

Tramp Vamp


Finally something for the Vince Price in all our lives...A Gentleman Vampire collection! Featuring Bullet 69 top hat idea for a little customisation, Bullet 69 Leather Cuff, Necessary Evil Steampunk trousers, Dark Silver Finger Armour, and Demonia Brogue Boots 

Gentleman vamp


London Edge Aerial View
The LONDON EDGE weekend is one of our busiest times of year here at KC HQ, however I'm not going to tell you too much about that, I figured you would be far more interested in what goes on besides business at an alternative fashion expo... and at this London Edge that story goes a little something like this.

After an easy set up on Saturday we return to the Necessary Evil stand to being meeting the customers Sunday morning only to find one of our samples has been slashed! Scandal! Rather than let this colour our show we decided to take it as a compliment, originality and innovation never comes with out the jealousy of others, it just proved to us that we were on the right tracks! And aside from this set back we were off to a great start, we met up almost straight away with our friends RE-AGENZ, who you may all know for their stunning hooded dress. London Edge is a great opportunity to catch up with the people and brands we love here at KC HQ and once we saw Re-agenz it was off to the shots bar for all of us!

Necessary Evil, Kate's Clothing and Re-Agenz
Luckily for us the NECESSARY EVIL stand was right on the run way for the fashion show, so we were all treated to front row seats to that, 4 times daily! Believe me it was a treat, 4 hunky guys, lots of dancing, great music and a showcase of clothes from various brands and designers! Great to see the items in action rather than on a hanger! That is if you can take your eyes of aforementioned hunky guys... :-S
Hunky guys in the Londond Edge fashion show

It was also great to see another set of familiar faces, KREEPSVILLE666, who are not only one of our favourite brands but so cool they are opening a shop on Melrose in Los Angeles (which I entirely plan to visit for Halloween, watch this space!)  It was great to see their latest items including lots of new items in the ELVIA rage and some shiny updates to some already existing Kreepy Klassics!! Foil and metallics are going to be everywhere for Autumn/Winter 2012, great to see these guys giving this trend a horror twist!

Necessary evil, kates clothing and kreepsville 666

We also spent some time with HELL BUNNY at London Edge and you can expect some incredible new items from them to hit our virtual shelves momentarily... More of your favourite 50's and retro items as well as some timeless Gothic additions.

Now the Edge is over, and all the late nights and parties are out of the way it would be lovely for all of us at KC HQ to take a week off and relax, however there is too much to be done! Since our little trip, we've made lots of new friends and these new friends will be sending us lots of new stock! So you guys can expect to see new accessories, new Steampunk items, new silver and jewellery, new rockabilly wear, new hand bags and more... no rest for the wicked, or the necessarily evil!!!

 necessary evil girlsNecessary evil adn kates clothing teamnecessary evil boys

Winners - Best UK Site in Alt Fashion Awards

Alt Fashion Magazine Poll
We have been voted as the Best UK Site in Alt Fashion Magazine's poll for 2011! We are so pleased to have just been nominated and to actually win means a lot as the award is voted for by the public. We hope this will be the first of many awards and want to thank everyone who voted for us! Keep your eye out for our special Winner's feature in a forthcoming Alt Fashion issue.

Sin Zine Article

The lovely Mik from Sin Zine has written an article about our Necessary Evil label and our range of gothic clothing, alternative shoes and steampunk fashions.

Sin Zine Magazine

"When sharp-dressed Sin-er Mik Scarlet visited the London Edge alternative fashion trade show for us earlier this year one of the stand out stands was Kate's Clothing. Their range of custom designs Necessary Evil took Goth and Alternative standards and gave them a superb individual twist, that means when you wear them you stand out even in a crowd that loves to stand out in a crowd..."

To read the whole article, including an interview with Lenore follow this link - Sin Zine & Necessary Evil

Dominion Magazine 'Visions of the Future' Article

The latest issue of Dominion Magazine (a gothic publication only inside Terrorizer) featured our Necessary Evil Kesava Bolero in their 'Visions of the Future' fashion spread as well as a few of our New Rock Boots and Demonia shoes.
Dominion Magazine Gothic Fashion Spread
The steampunk model also wears one of our fascinators and a pair of our diamante lace gloves. Model Lenore wears our New Rock Neptuno boots on another page. Readers aslo get an exclusive discount code printed in out advert within the fashion section. The male model above wears Alchemy Gothic steampunk jewelry and accessories which we also stock.

You can buy Dominion Magazine HERE and check out their Facebook page HERE

London Edge Feb 2012

London Edge Banner

The beginning of a new year is significant for a lot of people and to us at Kate's Clothing it means new styles to showcase and a new London Edge to prepare for! This year we're right by the main stage so you can't miss us. Come and meet the KC crew and pick up our new catalogue at Stand B26 between 5th - 7th February at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, London.

London Edge Floor Plan 2012

Necessary Evil Maternity Ideas

Kate, founder, designer and all round boss lady of Kate's Clothing, has modelled some of our Necessary Evil range as gothic maternity wear! A number of our tops and dresses are made from soft, stretchy jersey fabric and finish below the bottom - ideal for wearing with leggings for a comfortable yet stylish pregnancy! Kate wore the Freya Extra Length Top, Nortia Ruffle Dress, Erinys Twisted Dress, Anahita Studded Shoulder Top and the Disani Batwing Top. See the rest of the photoshoot on our Facebook and congratulations Kate!

Necessary Evil Maternity

Edge Fashion Launched

Kate's Clothing has launched a brand new website dedicated to alternative fashion with an edge. Edge Fashion is now live and ready to take your orders for all things goth, emo, punk and steampunk! You can follow Edge Fashion on Twitter and like them on Facebook.
Edge Fashion Logo

Dominion Halloween Fashion Feature

The fabulous Dominion Magazine featured some of our Necessary Evil items in their Halloween fashion feature. The Anahita Faux Fur Trimmed Bolero was worn by model Lenore (far left) along with a number of items from Kate's Clothing including her black satin corsetIron Fist shoes and Hell Bunny skirt. Model Rayna Terror (centre) sported rhinestone flaming Bordello shoes from Kate's shop also. Finally Istaar (far right) wore Demonia Skull Buckle boots to finish off her trad-goth look in the final gothic fashion style. Check out the alternative fashion spread in November's Terrorizer Magazine!
Dominion Halloween Fashion Shoot
All photos are by Taya Uddin

SinZine Review

The lovely Mik Scarlet over at SinZine stopped by our stand at London Edge and seemed very pleased with what he saw, so much so that he gave us a mention in his London Edge review. "UK's Necessary Evil (www.katesclothing.co.uk) really push the boundaries and have created a range that have a recognisable brand identity and I have my shopping list of NE's stuff all ready." You can read the full article here

London Edge - Aftermath

Twice a year London Olympia hosts the alternative trade fair 'London Edge' and Kate's Clothing are always in attendance. We take our new designs and old favourites to our stand and meet customers old and new - we also take advantage of the entertainment on offer too!
This year we loaded up our transit van, that we named 'Flora', and drove down to London town the day before it opened to set up our stand. After a few wrong turnings (we blame the sat-nav) and making our clothes rails look lush for the next morning we grabbed some food and Kung-Fu performerrelaxed with some drinks and friends.
Sunday saw the first day of exhibiting and our new designs got a lot of interest especially our retro favourites the Mermaid dresses and Butterfly print tops. After checking out the catwalk shows, and spying our Circe leggings on one kung-fu performer, we began to get ready for the after party. Konstantin got snapped in his Chronus steampunk trousers and Lenore in her Zaria waist cincher and we enjoyed a few bevvies and some music before heading back to the hotel bar for a few more before bed. Well, a lot more before bed. Despite it being a Sunday with early closing we managed Sambuccas, Tequilas and Goldschlagers to name a few. London Edge at Miss Q's
Feeling surprisingly hangover-free we got some brand new clothing samples at our hotel Monday morning so Nickie got to showcase our forthcoming plus sizes all day (keep an eye out for the Circe cardigan and Venda key-hole top up to a UK22 soon!). Boss lady Kate matched her signature bright red hair with the Cherry Bomb blouse while Michail matched his blue spiked hair with eye-catching electric blue contact lenses. Unfortunately, despite how fabulous we all looked, the 'Coffin Bar' at the show eventually turned us away as we were drinking all their free shots of Sourz. Boo.
London Edge Drinks at Hand Flower
Tuesday was our last day and we were all very tired (and a bit sick of pizza having eaten every night in Pizza Express). As we loaded up the van at just gone 4pm we escaped the worst of the exhibition hall traffic only to get caught in a jam later on. With Lenore behind the wheel getting through the traffic the Necessary Evil boys sang along to Lady Gaga to keep her entertained until we saw the bright lights of Birmingham welcoming us home.. After a very long weekend with too much pizza and never enough shots we were glad to be back. Roll on London Edge 2012!
You can see our party photos on Facebook here. If you follow us on Twitter you'll be able to see our photos uploaded from the next event as they happen!

London Edge

We are preparing for the biggest alternative fashion event of the year, the Autumn London Edge and all our new Necessary Evil designs, as well as our cult favourites, will be at our stand. This year we are at our biggest stand yet with our largest collection to date so drop by and see us - just follow the bloody footprints below! The whole of the Kate's Clothing crew will be at K15 on the ground floor (by Pizza Express!) for the whole event.
London edge Kate's Clothing
And keep an eye out for our London Edge photos and blog next week and you can see all the mischief we got up to!

Model Behaviour

Maegen Machine

Vengeance Skeleton TopAt Kate's Clothing our deliciously dark designs attract attention from alternative types all over the world and we have been fortunate enough to have some fabulously fiendish ladies and gents model for us. Past beauties have included Sabrina Sixxx from burlesque troupe 'Nympherno', music journalist and tv presenter Lenore and of course the feisty fetishista Bianca Beauchamp. 

Circus performer and tattooed model Maegen Machine is the latest lady to fly the Kate's Clothing flag and model some of our newest designs. She even brought her beau to take care of some of the men's range for us! Maegen was really fun to work with, a very expressive and talented model and even though this was Charlie's first ever shoot he took to it very quickly and wanted to do more photos by the end of the shoot!

Charlie from Collapse

Odin Military Jacket

Maegen performs with the Hellzapoppin Circus as a human dartboard (!) as well as modelling for loads of clothing labels and magazines and her fine fella plays guitar in metal band Collapse (and seems to be a big hit with the ladies!) - you can see more of their photoshoot in our online shop!

Worldwide Gothic

Necessary Evil Mider CoatGothic journalist and DJ Natasha Scharf  has released 'Worldwide Gothic' a book about the gothic subculture's history and development all over the globe and we have spied one of our designs within it's pages! The Necessary Evil men's Mider coat has taken it's place in goth history!

Dominion Magazine

Dominion Magazine

"If you, like me, are fed-up of spending half your wages trying to fill your wardrobe with fabulous gothic attire fret no more. It is possible to obtain tailored and originally designed outfits without crying when the credit card bill comes through and Birmingham based label Kate's Clothing will show you how.

Kate - founder, designer and namesake of the company - originally began creating clothes as a hobby almost  in 2003 but it soon turned into a full time business due to the popularity of her work.

The scarlet-haired seamstress, who's grinning likeness is also the label's logo, dreamed of having her own clothing range when she was just ten years old, carrying around a scrap book of designs and showing them to anybody and everybody who would listen. Now her fashion label is in it's eighth year and expanding all the time including jewelry, shoes and make-up lines. Customer service is a priority too with a price match guarantee and free shipping on certain orders!..."

Read the rest of the article online at Dominion Magazine

Corporate Goth

It can be tricky to find gothic and alternative clothing which expresses your individual style, makes you feel great and still conforms to the regulations of a workplace. What is ‘work suitable’ depends largely on where you work, what you do and who you work for; some bosses will be more relaxed than others and allow piercings, fun hair colours and outrageous clothes but most would like it toned down, particularly in an office setting. We know that there are loads of other places that you beautiful people work but for now we’re just going to take a look at business wear or ‘Corp Goth’ as it is often called.
Tamara JacketFor the ladies this is quite a lot easier since you have all sorts of gorgeous pinstripe options and pencil skirts to look at. Steampunk wear adapts really well to Corp Goth with a few well chosen accessories but it’s important not to go too OTT on the pinstripes and ruffles or you risk overdoing it and going against dress codes. Necessary Evil, with it's tailored fit and simple designs can add an edge to most corporate look.
The Tamara belted jacket with a pencil skirt and smart shoes for example would work in all but the strictest of work places.
 T.U.K. Sky High Heels
Shoes present a whole different problem for Gothic ladies in the workplace since a lot of the time those gorgeous New Rock boots just aren’t suitable and are too brash for the more subtle style you’re trying to achieve. Alternative shoes can look great with business outfits and are a great way of showing off your style. These Bordello Pinstripe Pumps would look fabulous with a smart pencil skirt or peeking out from under suit trousers. Alternatively, add a splash of colour with these peep-toe 'Sky High' heels from T.U.K. which are retro styled with a splash of red, Gothy and subtle which makes them perfect for the high-flying business Goth.

Men’s business wear can be more difficult because there is much less diversity with mainstream men’s wear. However you can add your own twist to the tradition suit and tie by substituting this smart jacket for your suit jacket which will give an alternative twist to your outfit whilst keeping you smart enough for work. The Necessary Evil Slain Shirt is a nice change from high street shirts which will still look smart but is designed with comfort (not strangulation!) in mind. Men can also choose to mix things up a bit with work clothed by wearing suitable shoes like these New Rock Men’s Shoes which are definitely smart enough to wear to work but are just that little bit different, not to mention much cheaper than men’s business shoes of a similar quality on the high street!

The most important thing with Corp Goth is to find out what sort of dress code your workplace has and then work within that framework to show off your awesome style. We’ve given you a couple of ideas here but we’re sure you’ll think of loads more great outfits to wear if you take a look round the website. Just remember to be unique!

Shopping with Kate's Clothing

At Kate’s Clothing we’re here all week from Monday to Friday bringing you the very best in Gothic and Alternative clothing, hair and make up and accessories. We work hard to make sure that we’re right on trend all the time, that you get what you want as quickly as possible and that you’re completely happy with your purchase. But did you know that you can shop with us in loads of other ways as well?

We have our own Amazon store where you can find loads of great Necessary Evil products at the same great prices more conveniently than ever.

Take a look at eBay if you want to be the only person to get your hands on rare Necessary Evil sample products because that’s where you’ll find exclusive items and one offs. You never know, you might grab yourself a bargain!

And if New Rock Boots are your poison then why not take a look at our sister website where you’ll find hundreds of pairs direct from the manufacturer at amazing prices and with free shipping too.

We are constantly improving ourselves and trying to bring You, our customer, the best designs and ideas under a very competitive price!

Snog Marry Avoid?

For those of you who don’t know, ‘Snog Marry Avoid’ is a BBC Three program which tries to promote natural beauty and encourages the participants to remove their layers of make-up and fake tan by subjecting them to a public analysis where members of the public are asked if they would snog, marry or avoid the person. The ‘make-under’ is conducted by a sarcastic female computer called POD (Personal Overhaul Device).

Customarily the show ends with an alternative person, be they Goth, Rocker or Emo, being brought before POD and explaining their fashion choices and how what they wear makes them who they are. When the show first started they even contacted Kate to ask if we would send them alternative people to ‘make-under’. Kate told them politely no and that as an alternative person herself she found the idea of saying that her customers needed to change the way they looked kind of offensive. Generally POD does not succeed in ‘making-under’ the alternative people and they leave with their piercings, dyed hair and alternative clothes intact and we here like to think that Kate helped to show them where they were going wrong and made them look at alternative fashion in a different light.

Recently the show featured ‘Cupcake Laura’ from Bolton who wore a Necessary Evil Feronia 50’s Style Octopus print dress (and looked stunning we might add). POD told Laura that it “could not transform” her to conform to the show’s ideal for a woman. “Too right!” we hear you cry. What this program seems to have realised is that there is a huge difference between removing a layer of slap and changing a person’s whole identity. Being ‘alternative’ is a lifestyle that is very important to people and it’s nice to see that being respected by mainstream culture.

The gorgeous Laura, and others like her, helps to show mainstream society that there’s nothing wrong with alternative fashion and that our choice of clothing doesn’t automatically mark us as bad. Gradually over the last ten years or so the ‘normal’ world has become more accepting of alternative fashion and lifestyles but there is still a long way to go. Shows like ‘Snog Marry Avoid’ may be just trashy TV but by featuring people like Laura they’re helping to show the rest of the world that we’re awesome just they way we are.

Manic Panic – Creature of the Night

For years those of us who like big, bold, alternative make up have struggled to find cosmetics which live up to their promises and deliver the dramatic effect that we’re looking for. But now thanks to Manic Panic’s Creature of the Night range the hours spent pouring over lipsticks in Boots, covering the backs of our hands in lurid smudges of not-quite-dark-enough burgundies and ‘generic dark’ colours can be consigned to the past and we can move forwards into a brave new dawn of beautiful alternative make up in colours we actually like and want to be seen wearing.

The Creature of the Night range is always growing and the Total Look Kits have been a popular seller at Kate’s Clothing since we started carrying them, as have the lip and eye kits, and we recently expanded our range to include more of their great individual products which have thus far proved to be a hit with our customers (and the team!). Now rather than spending half an hour trying to smudge kohl pencil in just the right way you can achieve the perfect look in seconds with the black eyeliner and shadow set which includes a black eye shadow for that gorgeous smoky effect as well as a cream eyeliner for the sharp lines, all in a cute little compact which slips into even the tiniest of bags.

If you want something a bit more colourful for your eyes then the Melodrama Eye Kit is great and takes the guess work out of trying to buy eye shadow on the high street, where it can often prove to be faded and dull when compared to the exciting shade on the packaging. For those of you who find the idea of red eye make up a bit more daring than you would like then the Psychodrama Eye Kit works with slightly more subtle purple tones whilst still giving a gorgeous, bold effect. And of course all of the Creature of the Night kits include detailed instructions to create a variety of looks, making exciting effects which have looked too complicated in the past simple and stress-free.

One of the things we really like about Manic Panic products is their commitment to animal welfare and all of the Creature of the Night cosmetics are completely cruelty free as well as being totally vegan friendly too, meaning that your conscience can look as stunning as your make up.

Summer Gothic?

Summer can be an uncomfortable time for those of us who like alternative fashion, those gorgeous twill and heavy velvet fabrics can get a bit much during the day and staying cool is a challenge when your wardrobe consists of black, black and more black!

 Rather than throw up your hands in despair and decide to stay inside until October why not take a look through our pick of the best gothic clothing in a range of lighter fabrics which will help keep you comfortable throughout the summer months -

Dresses are a good place to for ladies start when looking for cooler outfits and mini-dresses are very versatile as well as looking fabulous during the day. Rather than encase your legs in hot jeans try wearing this cute little dress which is made from a light weight stretchy cotton jersey fabric. Cotton is the fabric you want to watch out for with summer clothes since its natural fibres are much more breathable than synthetics and will allow you body to regulate your temperature better in the heat. For a sexy, flirty touch a cute sailor dress is perfect for visiting the beach this summer and looks great with lightweight canvas shoes or flip-flops to stop your feet from overheating too.

If you don't fancy wearing a dress then lightweight cotton tops like this 40's style blouse are wonderfully breathable and perfect for summer picnics. Summer gives us a great opportunity to explore new styles so even if you haven't tried the 40's look it's worth having a look around with an open mind and finding new ideas. If you're really struggling with the heat then this gorgeous strap top has lace panels which will let the breeze reach your skin without being too revealing and can be adjusted to give a great fit with the corset style lacing down the front. Strap tops are a great way to stay cool and can be dressed up or down without too much trouble which makes them very versatile as well as looking great with a shrug or bolero jacket  in the evening if the temperature drops.

And of course guys want to look good through the summer too so these clever transformer trousers zip off to make a great pair of alternative shorts and are made of fairly light material which will help to keep you from boiling in the summer sun. Some guys don't fancy wearing shorts (the 'socks with sandals' problem comes to mind) so these Venomous trousers are the lightest fabric imaginable in a great, breathable parachute fabric.

Most men we know reach for the T-Shirts as soon as the weather turns warmer but a cotton shirt can be just as comfortable in summer and rolling the sleeves up can give them a sexy, relaxed feel which goes really well with lazy summer afternoons as well as keeping them from looking too formal. This Necessary Evil shirt is soft and breathable as well as looking fantastic.

Summer can also be a time to branch out and try new colours, white can be great for alternative looks if worn with the right accessories and can give you an ethereal air which a bolder black can struggle with. A White 50’s Dress can look stunning and the skeleton print keeps it from getting too cutsie. Or go for a vamp feel in this sexy red dress which is made from a super lightweight jersey overlaid with a floaty red net.

Yes the summer can be a challenge but it also forces us to look at our fashion choices and discover new styles, branching out and trying new things that we might not have thought of before. With alternative fashion it can be very easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same look over and over again so use the summer as an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and take a few risks!


New Rock Boots UK

New Rock Boots in UK is a big hit!

Spanish company New Rock has been producing alternative footwear for a long time and has been the most popular upon the alternative community. After a quite period during the last couple of years they are back to UK and thrilling as ever. That's why we want to introduce the New Rock Boots UK website! The website allows you to browse and of course purchase any of the existing New Rock Boots and Shoes designs and even some bits of official clothing. Price range varies significantly and is very competitive. Another bonus point that the shoes are coming directly from Spain and usually it takes 5- 7 days to deliver to your doorstep and the shipping is free! If you are interested do have a little peak at the website, we are sure that you will find something just for yourself! 

How Many Ways Can You Wear Steampunk?

Steampunk fashion comes from its own sub-genre of Science Fiction which imagines an alternative history where 19th Century inventors have developed futuristic technologies and steam power is still widely used. It is also one of the hottest trends to hit the alternative fashion scene in a long time and Kate’s clothing is please to say that we’re ahead of the pack yet again when it comes to bringing you the very best in Steampunk clothing and accessories. With items ranging from Victorian style tops, corsets and skirts to some of the more futuristic inventions of Ezekiel Empire Rosenstein Steampunk fashion has something to offer everyone, as well as looking pretty hot too.

We have everything you could possibly want, from a pair of gorgeous Steampunk Boots from New Rock to a Solar Powered Turbine Watch from the Alchemy Empire range. Or you could try a gorgeous Fascinator to remain every inch the upper class Victorian Lady whilst you're out and about.

And if that isn't enough we also have a fantastic range of Steampunk clothing from Spin Doctor and our very own Necessary Evil with Jackets, Skirts and Tops to suit every budget and taste. Of course you don't have to buy an outfit that we put together to look fabulous, like this Necessary Evil Jacket and Skirt, you can mix and match from the entire range to create your own unique look.

The most fantastic thing about Steampunk clothing is its versatility, why not team this Necessary Evil Top with a pair of skinny jeans for shopping during the day and then a cute mini-skirt and heels for an edgy twist when you're heading out in the evening or wear this Pinstripe Pencil Skirt with a blouse for work and then with a corset for more sophisticated evening out. The possibilities are endless and we're sure you'll have lots of fun browsing our Gorgeous Selection and picturing all the different ways you can wear Steampunk and make it your own.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for our new range of Steampunk Men's wear - Coming soon!

New Rock Boots back for good?

It's been feeling like summer's over for a while now, despite the fact that it's still August as we write. Therefore, and due to repeated requests, our mind has been focussed on the subject of boots, in particular: New Rock Boots which we've decided to bring back into stock to compliment our existing excellent gothic and alternative footwear brands such as Demonia, TUK, Iron Fist, Madfish and not forgetting Bordello of course!

New Rock Boots
New Rock Chain and Spike Boots New Rock Lizard Pattern Ladies Boots New Rock Neptuno Platform Boots New Rock Ladies Lace Up Boots
New Rock Chain and Spike Boots are heavy duty gothic boots that refuse to take any nonsense! These have the classic Reactor sole and as well asthe chain, spikes and other metal detailing, they also have black PVC flame features. Definitely imposing and finished to perfection. New Rock Lizard Pattern Ladies Boots come from the sexy New Rock Malicia range and feature a sexy silver lizardskin effect, side buckles and front laces. Definitely designed to turn heads with it's foxy styling and silver effect heel. New Rock Neptuno Platform Boots feature the amazing round tunnels in the heel, each filled with a metal spring. These gothic boots are eye catching and will boost your height by some inches! However, they combine stature with comfort and you won't want to take them off! New Rock Ladies Lace Up Boots are an everyday favourite.Comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at, with zips to fasten them the sides and buckle and lace detailing to complete the look. Some of us, can't live without them.
New Rock Ladies Cowboy Boots New Rock Purple Dragon and Flame Boots New Rock Lizard Pattern Calf High Boots
New Rock Ladies Cowboy Boots  show that cowboy's can be sexy and stylish with their silver flame effect styling. The alternative take on the cowboy even has a stunning silver heel. New Rock Purple Dragon and Flame Boots feature purple dragon and flame contrast material and an eye-catching silver heel. New Rock Lizard Pattern Calf High Boots  feature the silver lizard effect pattern as a design feature. These also have the imposing heavy heavy duty reactor sole.

We Love to Party!!!!

Kates Clothing Eddies Party

Summer Style for Alternative and Gothic Clothing

With the wedding and summer season fully in flow, what is the best way to stand out from the crowd and cope with with our variable summer weather? Kate's Clothing is carrying a fantastic range of versatile and stylish alternative clothing that will stand up to the British climate and whatever it can throw at us. Many items are already reduced as the shops cast an eye towards our long and dark winter. There's some brilliant bargains starting at £2.99 in the sale section! In most cases they're great styles where they're down to the last few...

So what outfits perfectly compliment the summer season while remaining stylish and unique? Necessary Evil is one of my favourite alternative clothing brands, combining cutting edge style with classic, sexy Gothic chic for real men and women with real bodies.My favourites include the Necessary Evil Tana Cami Top which is already in the sale and the Necessary Evil Gothic Black Ravana Ribbon Mini Dress, perfect for any occassion.
Necessary Evil Tana Cami Top    Necessary Evil Gothic Black Ravana Ribbon Mini Dress

Mercy and Hell Bunny also have some great styles to get us through summer into next season and beyond. I love the the 20s style dress from Hell Bunny as well as their other sexy party dress styles and the the Mercy flock jacket is ideal for covering up when the the weather inevitably turns colder or for those summer evenings out.

Hell Bunny Black 1920's Dress, MRC4004    Hell Bunny Corset Back Lacey Dress With Eyelets, MRC4006     Hell Bunny Black mini Dress with Spider web and Zip details, MRC5139B     Mercy Gloria Flock Jacket

Here at Kate's Clothing, it's our customers that make us, so if you've had a great experience please tell people and help us get the word out. Become a fan of our Facebook page or pop a link to our website on yours. Thanks for all your support.

Criminal Damage reclaim the darker territory

Everybody who is related to the subcultural fashion world, knows those veterans of alternative design: Criminal Damage Clothing. For years and years they were bringing new, unique and dark collections suitable for goths, metalheads and rivetheads worldwide. Their garments always stood out from the crowd. While wearing one of them you felt special and were always the centre of attention. Unfortunately rainbows, ponies and cupcakes seemed to obscure it all. A couple of their collections in recent years seemed more suited towards those with more colourful personas which alienated those from the darker scene...

But now the original is back, Criminal Damage brought out their new collection which contains a lot of garments suitable for the “black” culture. Instantly they have captured the market with their Jungle Shorts and Jungle pants for guys, which indeed do have a lot to offer. And of course they did not forgot about the ladies as well- just look at the amazing Biker Style dress and you will see the genius of the designers and the uniqueness of the design. Hopefully we will be spoiled more and more from the gurus in the next collection. At least, that's what we're hoping for...
Criminal Damage Biker Dress      Criminal Damage Jungle Pants

The Origins of Gothic and Punk Fashion

The origins of Punk can be traced back as far as you like, with every generation having its own youth sub-culture that shocks the majority of the population (some say Elvis was a punk). Punk as we know it began in the early 1970s. With the rise of disco music, big hair and flared trousers. The punk movement was a rebellion to popular culture.

On both sides of the Atlantic teenagers were looking for an escape from the boredom and constraints of society, with unemployment, racial tensions and social upheaval providing fuel for their fires. Punk remained underground in the U.K. Until 1977, when British punk culture saw two bands make the outside world take notice The Ramones and the Sex Pistols - both raged against authority, media and pop music. In the U.S. Iggie Pop and Blondie were leaders in the American punk rock scene and helped influence other musicians.

Meanwhile, a generation of teens worldwide responded by showing their punk colours in day-glo hairstyles, spikes and Mohawks. To complete the look, safety pins were implanted in their cheeks, lips and eyebrows.

By the 80`s, mainstream designers began to send models dressed in punk paraphernalia strutting down runways which effectively killed-off the fashion movement`s claim to being anti-establishment. Punk eventually evolved into glitter and glam rock and the movement began losing its hard-core edge.

It`s hard to give an exact date of birth of gothic. At the end of 70`s many new groups emerged with a somewhat dark sound and image (The Cure, Adam & the Ants and Ultravox). The new wave of dark pop music had a lot of influence on people who would later call themselves gothic. The story goes that gothic originated from the London club the Batcave, but when this club opened in 1981, gothic already was well on its way. However, the bands that performed there, with their horror image, helped to spread the movement.

Gothic fashion, in contrast to punk is dark and sometimes morbid. Typical Gothic fashion includes black, dyed hair, black lips and black clothes. Androgynity is common, with both female and male Goths wearing cosmetics, skirts or high heels.

Although punk culture is generally regarded to have peaked between the years 1977-1987, a post-punk movement remains alive today, populated by those who still regard any band in the Top 40 pop charts as establishment "sellouts".

The field of gothic fashion continues to grow. As this controversial fashion sense goes forward, it becomes more readily accepted by the larger community. It is doubtful that there is an end to this fashion, however it continues to evolve and grow into smaller subcategories such as Emo (or emotional) subcultures and competing neck and neck with the punk cultures in this country and around the world. There does not seem to be a set pattern of footwear for either genre, the choice as to which footwear you select being a matter of personal preference.


Bloodstock banner
Things are shaping up nicely for bloodstock08, visit the website for all the latest news.
Kates Clothing will be there again but this time we'll be running a stall so come and say hi!

Edge Fashion

Kate's Clothing have been serving up the best and the latest in Gothic Fashion for over 5 years,  we've built a reputation for quality, service, value and delivering fast.
The whole alternative scene has fragmented over the last few years and several totally different fashions have emerged, probably the most talked about being Emo.
Emo is like marmite on the alternative scene, you either love it or hate it but either way it's here to stay.
With that in mind we launched Edge Fashion to offer the same great service we've been giving the Goth community to those who's tastes in clothing are a bit more Emo.
Edge Fashion stocks a large range of Emo Clothes, and as everything is in stock we can get orders delivered just as fast as we do for Kate's Clothing customers.  Check it out - www.edgefashion.co.uk



Something Wicked This Way Comes...

            My feet are wet, my back and neck are aching and the blood in my alcohol system is gagging for air beneath a heady mix of cheap rum, Jack Daniels and a whole lot o' jaegermeister... I couldn't be sure, but it definitely smells like Bloodstock. As I rouse myself for another cold British Monday morning I can't quite shake the feeling that just days before, something horrible happened and it was all my fault. Well, needs must as the devil drives, and I can't say it was ALL my fault, I’d hate to take the credit away from the three days of bands that rocked the tiny Derbyshire field; rain or shine it seemed like everyone of them was hell bent on inciting riot amongst the black clad sea of beer fueled metal heads.


            We arrived on site around midday, with enough time to set up camp and meet the neighbors before heading off to the main arena for a little introduction to madness; the first days toil was about the pimpage anyway, so we spent some hours getting to know the lie of the land, getting loud with jaeger-merch clad D.J.s and advocating some strange uses for condoms... it was still early days in the festival yet so those in attendance were the real true believers; some had even made t-shirts pledging their alliance to the bloodstock cause (a massive big-up to Paul, Dave and the rest of the Bloodstock 2007 green shirted crew who were very nice about being mobbed by our ilk at the Century Media stall). We stalked around the slowly filling festival basically snapping the best and least dressed people we could. The diversity of the metal community warmed my black and shriveled heart, the close knit festival packed with the truest was really a sight to reignite the flames of what used to be a raging inferno of hard rock mayhem; after ambling around the site in a daze of pride shooting group after mad-haired group we took it to the beer tent and generally killed some time and brain cells before the main stage opened up with it's first scheduled act.

            Special guest Chris Slade, drummer of AC/DC was opening the stage (straight after some bloke and his dad...) accompanied by Birmingham’s own Exploder; a couple of well played covers later and good old Slade senior blesses the crowd with a stunted and retro but otherwise well received drum-solo. Up next were this year’s unsigned winner Sight of Emptiness; don't, whatever you do, be put off by the unsigned status of the band, for the second act at the whole festival they rocked the stage appropriately hard bringing their own brand of melodic death metal all the way from San Jose, Costa Rica. On chatting to the band,
we discovered that they'd shelled out at least 15 grand in dead presidents
just to get here, but not too much that they couldn't hit us up with a complimentary copy of their debut album 'Trust is a Disease'. After the explosive set we decided it was time to make another of our frequent visits to the marquee housing the lava stage, and more importantly the bar, where the crew stopped off for a few more beers, and I went hardcore on the jaegermeister, making it back three hours later just in time for a seriously ear-bleeding set from Firewind followed by the headliners that night who need no appraisal from me, Testament. As they drew their set to a close, and I neared the dregs of my beer, the cramp setting in my spine told me loud and clear that it was time to make a merry way back to the campsite for some post mosh inebriation. Like an exclamation mark at the crux of a dirty metal head infested sentence, Alice in Chains' Man in the Box floated from the stacks at the beer tent all the way to my plastered ears as I passed out halfway into my tent, ready for day two and the massive hangover that was inevitably to come.

            The pirates will remain unforgiven; it must have been 10 o'clock in the morning when I first stuck my pounding head out of my tent, which in a hilarious (not) juxtaposition to the night before had decided to convert itself into a pressure cooker intent on bleeding me dry of every gram of toxic sweat in my body. The cries of "Yar, wench" and other such swashbuckling catchphrases were growing ever closer, but in my half conscious stupor I was congratulating myself on the newfound ability to block them out... imagine my surprise when a loaded pirate's cap gun went off right in my ear, starting me right out of bed and ten foot into the air. disgruntled and deafened I made a slow way to the porta-loos for a nice old bit of festival hospitality, though after opening doors to mountain after mountain of reconstituted festival grub I made my way to the surrounding woods and said hello to nature. Disheveled but in no way disheartened I dragged my splitting temples off to the small cafe stand where me and Kelly met up with the rest of the crew for some early morning preparation; Ben and Kate arrived on the scene with the savior of the morning, a five pack of jam doughnuts and a bag full of pastry and we made our way back to the main arena for Kates Clothing vs. Bloodstock round two.

            After a heavy dose of the hair of the dog I pushed my way to the front of the crowd just in time for Wolf to blast the wax from my ears and the crust from my eyes. These hard rocking Swedes absolutely blew the stage apart and remained completely un-phased when the power cut out mid-song; spurred by the spontaneity of the moment the singer makes his way to the front of the stage, Carlsberg in hand and incites the crowd into some heavunified roaring, followed closely by the second drum solo of the weekend. Acoustic or not, those skins were heard right to the back of the crowd and as the life came surging back into the


speakers Wolf proceeded to tear it up louder and heavier then ever. Pumped once more with pure adrenaline me and the crew made our way over to the unsigned tent to hang with the crowd from Scruffy Murphy’s. If you’re not familiar with the Birmingham scene then I’ll just let you know, Scruffy's is the only place to head bang on a nightly basis; the bloodstock stages were littered with regulars. On the way back from the operatic metal of Epica we bumped into a London mate, Ted Mauls' Luca, buzzing his nut off and brandishing a good sized bottled of Jack Daniels. A top heavy pint each of J.D. and a quick photo of our collective arses later and I was ready to make my way down to the Lava stage to catch the hardcore metal stylings of Blind sight. I promised Bob the bassist that I’d go down and take a few snaps for the website, didn't expect to be drawn into the moshpit quite so hard. Those Ilkeston rockers know exactly how to keep the crowd swinging, contending excellently with the end of Nevermore's electric set. A good rock-out and a quick mosh with Wes from Speed Theory saw me thrown back into the main throng with just enough time to take some in crowd photos before Lacuna Coil strode onto the stage. The second Cristina Scabbia's gorgeously dark form hallowed over the crowd below the skies seemed to darken with the promise of something epic. They opened the set with a convulsive rendition of To The Edge and pre-empted the three song encore with their own outstanding re-working of Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence. Two songs into the encore and the entire crowd joins in a heavy chorus of recent hit Our Truth - if you know the song you'll have an idea of how huge that moment was, and if you don’t it's about time you crawled out from under that rock. Having been blessed with a crew pass from Luca, Kelly and I snuck backstage to see if we couldn't grab five with the lovely Ms. Scabbia. After a quick chat, body aching once more, the crew parted ways and me and Kelly made our bedraggled and thoroughly rocked way back to camp where the neighboring campers kindly invited us to enjoy a burger from their BBQ and some random with a Jesus cut followed me across a field, apparently for no better reason then to stroke my flailing hair... I could've sworn he was after my woman, but after Kate threatened to smack him one he soon wandered off into the crowd once more. All in good fun.

            The next day it seemed as though the skies had stopped bothering to keep the weather pleasant. As if they knew none of us would let the rain stop the rocking they opened up and unleashed a grey and soaking hell on us all, a test of our commitment to the Bloodstock cause. I dragged my hangover down to the main stage to show some support for Scruffy’s regulars Benediction, where defiance was the name of the game; halfway through their set they announced that they had six songs left and only five minutes to play them in; so for the next fifteen minutes the entire crowd was filled with a serious sense of anarchic pride as the Birmingham death metal group proceeded to 'stick it to the man' in true metal style... the circle pit for 'Suffering Feeds Me' was http://www.gothic-clothing-web.co.uk/boa_07_gallerysight to be revered, and as they closed their lawless set I felt charged with the kind of energy only a moshpit at the crack of noon can invoke. On then to the unsigned tent to consume the wake up shift of alcohol and rock out hard for friends and personal favorites of the Kates Clothing crew, dark and dirty rock and roll merchants Nemhain, fronted by the famed Morrigan Hel. If you know your stuff then you'll know that these guys rocked the Intrepid Fox for us at the Necessary Evil brand launch, a performance rivaled only by the raw energy perceived this day at Bloodstock. With Adrian Erlandson literally pouring sweat over his skins the unsigned marquee nearly blew its pegs as their excellent rendition of Die Die Die My Darling had the crowd singing right along with them. And as if by some stroke of excellent timing, as soon as they left the stage Pendulum's Slam hit the speakers, which was my cue to get a heavy freak on. Soaked to the bone or not, the afternoons events had set me right up for the rest of the day.

            The festival was fast drawing to a close; between sneaking backstage for a cheeky photo with Anders from In Flames, Nemhain and the guys from Exit 10 I managed to pack my soaking tent back into the bite sized bag it somehow came so neatly wrapped in. The skies were closing in with black clouds and threats of a bone chilling night; of course, we had to see In Flames open their set, explosively I might add, and as we ambled back to the car to call it a weekend the entire festival was engaged in a beautiful rendition of a personal favorite, Pinball Map. Just before smearing the car floor with our muddy boots Kelly and I gave our necks one last work out as the chorus trailed of into the perfect darkness. The drive home was a knackered one, but I think the people in that car and everyone on site knew that they'd borne witness to a part of something big, as though Bloodstock were a great pillar in the fight to keep the raging fire alive; no dilution, no imitation, just pure unbridled metal.

By Oisin Hendrix

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