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Kate's Clothing News and Press Releases

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Gothic Latex Clothing NOW at katesclothing.co.uk!

Kate's Clothing are very proud to announce the arrival of a BRAND NEW LATEX COLLECTION! From the creators of Slaughterhouse Couture Latex comes SHOCK AND ROLL LATEX, an ultra foxy collection of gothic occult latex designs, ideal for you to have some serious fun in!

However it is super important to remember that latex is not your average fabric and you will need to take care of it very differently to anything you have worn before. We're not saying it is hard to look after, just different! In fact, probably easier, but still DIFFERENT!

So, to remove the mystery and give you the longest life from you latex clothing, here is some helpful info from the Shock and Roll on the subject!

gothic latex clothing
Gothic latex clothing

First up: The Importance of Correct Sizing

This is the first port of call when buying anything.... get the right size for you! :Latex can be a little different to your average fabric, so here are a few pointers!

When selecting the size of your new latex garment always refer to the size measurement chart provided. Latex is flattering to ladies of all sizes and proportions but getting the right size is essential to this. If the garment is too big you will find that it gapes, wrinkles and bunches up in an unsightly fashion. If, on the other hand, the garment is too small it will create bulges where you don’t want them and may be more prone to tearing or damage due to over-stretching.

Next: Dressing Up!

Now that you have your lovely new garment it’s very important that you abide by a few rules when getting dressed. Some garments are going to be more tricky than others to put on but, whatever your garment, it is essential to be patient. It is most certainly worth the effort for the finished look.

ALWAYS watch out for nails! Being too quick or rough with latex and long nails is always a recipe for disaster. Also, put your heels on after you step into a garment, shoe heel through the back of a dress or skirt is a very common and avoidable mishap.

The same rule goes for any sharp jewellery you may be wearing and be aware that body jewellery metal, fake tanning products, and exposure to sunlight can cause irreparable staining to latex garments.

Using talcum powder on the inside of the garment and on your body can help ease the process of dressing immeasurably. So we say ALWAYS TALC YOUR GARMENT BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO DRESS!

Dresses - Ensure the zipper is pulled all the way down and step into the dress, never overhead! Believe me you can get stuck! Pull the whole garment up over your hips with a bit of wiggling until it sits around your waist. From there pull the upper of the dress on and then start working the garment down for a sleek comfortable fit.

Leggings - gather legs and dress much like you would a pair of tights, but with even more care! Same with long sleeve tops.

The Fun Part: Shine It Up!

Now that you’re all dressed it’s time to add that last touch of magic to your garment… Shine! You can get shine products online or on high street shops like Anne Summers.

Using a lint free cloth pour a small amount of your chosen latex shine out and start to buff over your garment, paying special attention to the seams. A wax on technique works great! If you find you are getting a white residue then just add a bit more polish over it, it’s simply some of the talcum powder used in production that has released from the seams. Once you’re all shiny you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to take your bottle with you for touch ups throughout the night although a lot of the best clubs now have free shining stations where you can go to get buffed if you lose your shine!

Finally: After the Party

Aftercare and Storage; This is perhaps the most important section when it comes to owning and enjoying latex! The care you show your latex will be directly proportionate to how long the pieces survive and look amazing. Mistreatment leads to irreparable damage that not even a miracle will be enough to resurrect it. The following is the ideal scenario for ultimate aftercare!

While your latex may have come off in a pile on the floor it will need attention as soon as you can!

First wash your latex in a sink with warm water and Fairy liquid or mild shampoo, then drain the sink and rinse the bubbles off.

Refill your sink and add in a few drops of your chosen latex shine product and pop your garments back in. Mix around and then hang to drip dry over a bath preferably.

Always use wooden or plastic hangers as latex is most susceptible to metal staining when wet.

After a few hours it should be ready for storage. Best case scenario is a dry cleaning bag hung up in the wardrobe. If you don't have one available then a black bin bag is perfectly adequate. The biggest advantage of this method is that next time you go out your latex is ready to wear, just pull it out and put it straight on!

If you need to store your latex little more hidden away then after step 1 allow to drip dry and then douse in talcum powder and you can fold and store in a zip seal bag. The downside to this is that if left too long the fold can create permanent creases.

ALWAYS re-cover any metal on your garment with tissue or scotch tape to avoid contact staining when in storage!


Guest blogger Natasha Scharf explores the ‘Classic Goth’ look with Kate's Clothing

Nasha Scarf The Art Of Gothic By Natasha Scharf Worldwide Gothic by Natasha Scharf

(Above: Natasha Scharf and her books ‘The Art Of Gothic‘ and ‘Worldwide Gothic‘)

Goth began almost by accident in the UK in the late 1970s. It started as a morbidly-tinged but unnamed style of music that incorporated the dark clothing worn by those who favoured and performed it. Within a few years, it had evolved into a subcultural movement in its own right. Goth fashion, like the music that forms its soundtrack, has changed over the years: from Siouxsie Sioux’s punky stage wear and Dave Vanian from The Damned’s vampiric attire through to elaborate Victorian and Rococo-inspired outfits and the witchy neo-noir drapes that have also been picked up by the high streets, goth is constantly evolving.

At this year’s LondonEdge tradeshow, there was a noticeable return to a more classic, or trad goth look with companies embracing luxury fabrics, such as brocade, jacquard, velvet and lace in black or deep jewel colours. Some brands, such as Punk Rave, Killstar and Hellbunny, have blended these with contemporary streetwear styles and 1950s clothing for an updated look. There were tailcoats for both sexes – Chic Star have some great budget options – and plenty of long, frilled skirts for the ladies. These look just as good worn with collared or high-necked blouses, inspired by Japan’s Elegant Gothic Lolita style, as they do with more relaxed corset-style tops which can be teamed with a bolero for extra versatility. Long, draped sleeves are great for a more vampiric look and keyhole necklines reveal just enough flesh without too much being on display.

Necessary Evil Gothic Clothing

Necessary Evil Gothic Clothing

I remember a friend of mine once explaining that, back in the ‘80s, the goth girls wore long skirts whereas the punks wore minis. These days, the boundaries are a little more blurred. For an easy everyday goth look team miniskirts and dresses with patterned leggings or dress them up with a pair of fishnets for clubbing. Top the look off with elegantly spiked boots (check out Hades’ amazing Raven ankle boots, which have a touch of HR Giger’s Alien about them!) or New Rocks and plenty of black eyeliner!


Siouxsie and the Banshees

Let’s not forget the lads! Although the traditional male goth look borrows its cues from more flamboyant 19th century styles, modern interpretations incorporate military jackets and slim-leg trousers, which are easier to wear than the skin-tight styles that were popular in the early ‘80s. Faux leather and PVC adds a touch of gothic rock to your wardrobe when dressed up with a fishnet top or down with a slogan or band logo t-shirt.

Jewellery brands Alchemy and Cherry Loco are bang up-to-date with their brilliant eye-catching designs. The former uses non-toxic English pewter and sparkling Swarovski crystal while the latter has a quirky range of chunky acrylic necklaces and earrings based around bats, spiders and Ancient Egyptian amulets. Prong is another brand that gives classical styles a make-over with unexpected touches. Must-have accessories include a lace or quirky handbag, gloves and a parasol for the warmer weather. For the gents, add lots of jewellery, statement belts and an optional top hat.

These days, vibrant hair dyes and unusual lipsticks are much easier to find than they were in the past. Black may be the colour of choice for many goths but dark red and deep purples can also look great on lips and in your hair, especially when it’s crimped and backcombed! If you’re too shy to dye, or work/school prevents it, then wigs and clip-in streaks are a good compromise.

Although many of the acts that pioneered the gothic sound deny being part of that scene, their dramatic music still makes perfect listening. Load this top five onto your music player for the ultimate ‘80s goth experience!

Bauhaus The Passion Of Lovers

Siouxsie And The BansheesSpellbound

The Sisters Of MercyAlice

Fields Of The NephilimMoonchild

The Cure Lullaby


Natasha Scharf’s latest book ‘The Art Of Gothic’ is available now through Omnibus Press (UK) and Backbeat Books (North America). Buy now on Amazon HERE


The Sisters Of Mercy


Siouxsie and the Banshees



There is nothing like that deep feeling of dread when all the Christmas decorations go up in your local town. If you are anything like us you fear the hustle and bustle of busy high street shops as you trawl through the mountains of tacky giftware, desperately trying to find something relevant to your friends or family!
Unfortunately we can't change all that... but we can help you with something... When it comes to that Alt/ Goth in your life, we have all the good gift ideas! So consider that quirky person taken care of and have a nose through our TOP ALTERNATIVE AND GOTHIC GIFT IDEAS!
To make this extra easy we have broken up our gift guide as follows:

TOP 10 GIFTS FOR UNDER 20 A run down of our top 10 token gifts ideal for your friends or as stocking fillers!
TOP 10 EXTRA SPECIAL GIFTS FOR HER These are definitely gifts for that special goth lady in your life!
TOP 5 EXTRA SPECIAL GIFTS FOR HIM Treat the Gothic gentleman in your life so something awesome this Christmas!

PART 1: Top 10 Gifts for under 20

  • Banned Gothic Skull Bag: Hand bags are great gift as they are 'one size fits all'... you just need to get the style right! Find it HERE Find it HERE and ALL BAGS HERE! ALL BAGS HERE!
  • Prong Jewellery Spiked Cuff Beautiful, sparkely and spiked, who couldn't love this for an alt Xmas gift!Find it HERE Find it HERE and ALL PRONG JEWELLERY HERE! ALL PRONG JEWELLERY HERE!
  • Manic Panic Melodrama Eye Make Up Kit Make up is a great gift, especially as Manic Panic's is vegan and cruelty free! Find it HERE Find it HERE and ALL MANIC PANIC HERE! ALL MANIC PANIC HERE!
  • Pamela Mann Brocade Tights Fancy tights make for a great token gift, as the stylish and hard to get wrong. Plus they will fit a few different body sizes and shapes!Find them HERE Find them HERE and ALL TIGHTS HERE! ALL TIGHTS HERE!
  • Studded Leather Belt Belts are such an easy and versatile accessory. They can suit a range of styles and can fit a range of sizes too! Find the Skull Belt HERE Find the Skull Belt HERE and ALL BELTS HERE! ALL BELTS HERE!

  • Alternative Fleece Blanket Great for wrapping up in over the winter period, always a welcome gift! Find this Blanket HERE and all Homeware HERE!Handheld
  • Mirror From Alchemy Gothic Alchmey Gothic not only make excellent jewellery they also make some cool gifts too! Find this Mirror HERE and all other Alchemy Items HERE
  • Vampire Bats Wrap Earring This individual wrap earring feature beautiful black bats! Another great piece from Alchemy Gothic! Find it HERE and more Jewellery HERE
  • Frankenstein Wallet Wallets and purses are excellent gifts as they are always useful and one size! Find Frankenstein HERE and other Wallets HERE
  • Dark Kitty Mug Mugs are great as they are super useful plus they can feature great designs. You can find the Dark Kitty Mug HERE and a horde of other Gothic or Geek Inspired Mugs HERE

  • Curvy Controversy

    As a mainly ladies clothing store, ladies dress sizing is always a hot topic here! It is super important for us to cater for all our customers (present and future) with a great range of clothing in the sizes they require, and as women come in all shapes and sizes, this is not the easiest of tasks!

    We often get a messages or comments on our social pages from our plus size customers, saying that they don’t feel we have enough plus size clothing, and highlighting that the average dress size in the UK is increasing and size ranges should reflect this. Ladies, we agree with you! We need a wider range of items available in a wider range of sizes!

    Sometimes we get messages from Ladies who feel insulted and alienated because of the lack of plus size alternative clothing that is available – not just in our store, but everywhere. We also get a few complaints with regards to how we talk about sizing and what we refer to a S, M, L, XL and so on. Ladies are upset to hear a UK 14 being called a large. Again we agree!

    However this doesn’t make the retailers, the brands or the manufacturers bad guys! We wanted to write a blog that explains sizing from a retail perspective to see if we could dispel some of the negativity around it, and get things moving towards the positive!


    Lets tackle the hottest issue first, the one we receive the most emails about.

    “Why isn’t there more plus size clothing on the Kate’s Clothing website?”

    Ladies, as the KC team is made up of Ladies and Gents of ALL sizes, let me tell you we would LOVE to have all of our pretties in a size to suit everyone! We are passionate about alternative clothing and gothic clothing, and we want you all to have the pretties you want in the size you want, unfortunately there are a few challenging reasons why this can’t be the case!

    The main reason is that not all manufacturers make all items in a large range of sizes. Here at KC HQ we always try to stock the biggest size range available to us in each item, so often if we don’t have it in plus sizes it is because the item does not exist in Plus Size (This can also be the case for the extra small and petite sizes too!) However things have been steadily improving over the past 10 years and you should know that it is NOT because alternative clothing brands don’t want to cater for you!

    When Kate’s Clothing began, the standard size range was UK 8, 10, 12, and 14… a size UK 16 was a rare treat for the alt. girl, but slowly over the years we seen size UK 16 become a standard in brands size ranges and size UK 18 being more and more common place recently too! This is because the clothing companies are listening to you, but change takes time… and also plenty of money (!) which is one thing a lot of our beloved niche brands don’t have a lot of! It takes a lot of investment to create clothing and it is seriously hard to predict what designs will be popular in general, let alone what will be popular within a particular size range. It is important to remember that so every time a brand creates some clothing it is a gamble and a risk that could end a company or brand, and when you add the cost of creating expanded sizes ranges to that you at least doubling that risk!

    We are glad to see some of the larger companies like Hell Bunny leading the way and manufacturing plus size ranges in more and more of their popular items. We hope that with plus sizes becoming more available to the stores, the store will intern buy more plus size ranges increasing the demand for them. This should then allow some smaller companies to take the risk of creating plus size ranges too, as they are able to see them working in lots of store with lots of other brands! We can see the beginnings of this with niche brand Kreepsville666 who recently started adding UK size 18 to their ranges because they are listening to the demand of fans and stores!

    We cannot talk about plus size clothing, without talking about the Gothic Clothing Brand Necessary Evil! Necessary Evil have tried tirelessly over the years to increase their plus size range and listen to their fans, they are champions of the Gothic Plus Size movement. If enough fans shout out and say they want to see a particular design in plus sizes Necessary Evil will try so hard to make it happen!

    We really want to change the perception that brands purposefully ignoring plus or petite size women. It is so important for fans to recognise that brands can’t make every thing in every size, making larger size ranges takes a huge amount of investment. However we understand that it is also important for brands communicate with their fans. Then if the fans really create a demand for something, the brand can respond! So well done Necessary Evil for taking things forward and being pro active! They even took public steps towards spreading plus size love by sponsoring ‘Miss Plus Size UK’ contestants!

    For more information on PLUS SIZE Clothing and the mystery behind sizing bracket, read more over on our Alt Side blog!

    Feel free to email us with any further questions at enquires @ Katesclothing.com (remove the spaces!)



    Facebook Feed

    Brands Information

    Necessary Evil

  • A bit of a favourite at Kate's Clothing, Necessary Evil is the real deal, designed by people who love gothic and alternative clothing. It's all about styling and creating shape and generally comes in black. Most items come in sizes 8 to 18 with a few styles in plus sizes too.
  • Brand websites: www.necessaryevilclothing.com and www.necessaryevil.org.uk
  • Necessary Evil Online Catalogue
  • Necessary Evil Facebook Page

    New Rock

    New Rock Boots are one of the most iconic brands in alternative and Gothic culture. They have an extensive back catalogue of alternative shoes and boots, with style being worn by Gothic stars such as Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. They have even been used in Sci-Fi programmes such as the much love Dr Who! With a reputation for being long lasting, hard wearing and comfortable like a second skin these really are a brand you should know about!
  • New Rock Boots UK Stockist Website
  • New Rock Boots UK Facebook Page
  • New Rock History
  • New Rock Wiki

    Chic Star

    Chic Star is a super interesting clothing brand, and really is one to watch! To our knowledge they are the only brand that lets you vote for the designs you want to see made. They show case lots of great pieces and the most popular become real! They are also well known for having the most extensive plus size ranges in alternative fashion! Something we are really happy to see more of. Their clothes fall in to two main categories which are Traditional Gothic Clothing and Retro/ Vintage/ 1950's inspired clothing. Be sure to give them a look, as there is something for everyone in their extensive collection!
  • Chic Star Facebook Page
  • Chic Star Design Voting


    Germay legends, Aderlass have been making incredible Gothic and Steampunk clothing for years. They make ultra desirable clothing that is built to last, unlike a lot of the alternative pieces you see today that are cheap and disposable. Aderlass you heavy fabrics and their pieces are not cheap but I think you would agree they are well worth the money!
  • Aderlass Facebook Page

    Red Queen's Black Legion (RQ-BL)

    Join the Red Queen's Black Legion of style with RQ-BL's amazing range of Steampunk Clothing and accessories. This brand create extremely stylish clothing and cool accessories that can really make an outfit. Well know for their LED Bio-punk and Steampunk goggles, harnesses and belts, they also make a stack of awesome corsets, blouses and skirts. Everything they do have incredible attention to detail and is full of stylish authenticity so crucial to Steampunk Fashion!
  • RQ-BL Brand Website

    Alchemy Gothic

    One of the ORIGINAL Gothic brands, established in 1977! Alchemy Gothic is definitely your first port of call when it comes to affordable and yet striking Goth jewellery. They make pieces that are high impact with amazing attention to detail and reference to the true heart of Gothic culture, and this is not only true of their jewellery but also their giftware too! With ultra Gothic trinket boxes, mirrors, ornaments and glassware, there is something for everyone!
  • Alchemy Gothic Facebook Page

    Crazy Colour Hair Dye

    Keeping you hair bright and you style vibrant, Crazy Color is a long established and well loved brand of hair dye that we can't get enough of! All those perfect shades and hues that you see people sporting at your local gig venue can be found and achieved through crazy color, and for a great price too! You can have all the semi-permanent, bright, hair dye fun with Crazy colour!
  • Crazy Hair Dye Fan Website

    Hell Bunny

    This brand have been the forerunners in alternative style for over a decade! Hell Bunny are one brand that are always 'On Trend' when it comes to alternative fashion. The championed the alt scene's move into retro vintage style making vast collections of stunning, affordable, 1950's inspired swing dresses, but also 'kept it real' with a range of rock inspired classics, known as the 'Hell Bunny Black' range.
  • Hell Bunny Facebook Page
  • Hell Bunny Twitter Page

    Hearts & Roses

    Hearts & Roses are an excellent value alternative brand for ladies clothes. There's a great range of vintage and Gothic style inspired pieces at affordable prices.
  • Hearts & Roses are an excellent value alternative brand for ladies clothes. There's a great range of vintage and gothic style inspired pieces at affordable prices.

    Spin Doctor

    The Steampunk dream brand! Spin Doctor are responsible for making Steampunk style accessible and affordable, creating a large range on awesome Steampunk inspired clothing that is stylish and easy to wear. Plus they also have some awesome signature fabrics, unlike anything you have seen elsewhere! We recommend you check out their occult print in black and golden brown, really stunning!
  • Spin doctor Facebook Page

    Manic Panic

    We have a real soft spot for Manic Panic here. Tish and Snooky who own and run the brand at absolute rock and roll legends. They were real punks, then backing singers for Blondie, and then the gave us hair dye and cosmetics that are environmentally responsible, kind and not tested on animals, ppd free and VEGAN! You don't have to compromise you morals to not compromise on style thanks to this brand, it's leaders and their ethics! Manic Panic represent everything rebellious and free about dying your hair, they have a vast range of colours and kits to make your dying experience great! Plus you should really have a look at their cosmetics, like their dye, they are high pigment, long lasting, vegan, and cruelty free!
  • Manic Panic Wiki
  • Manic Panic Facebook Page

    Kreepsville 666

    Original Scare-wear! Kreepsville made B-movie horror style cool again, taking horrorbilly style to the next level and making it available for everyone. If you live Halloween then you will love kreepsville. Take a look at their zombie inspired, skeleton loving, curve cuddling designs. That is not all, Kreepsville make some awesome merchandise for some of our much loved cult icons and movies. Check their ranges for ELVIRA, VAMPIRA and MARS ATTACKS!
  • Kreepsville Facebook Page
  • Kreepsville Twitter


    T.U.K. born in the UK, raised in the US of A. Purveyors of the almighty classic creeper as well as a non stop supply of updated underground styles for men and women. If you like flat shoes, Punk Shoes, 1950's style shoes or boots, TUK will have something for you! Their colourful collections delight us every season as we see fresh designs and also the return of much loved motifs including the kitty character that appears across the toe of some of their excellent anti pop heels and flats!
  • T.U.K. born in the UK, raised in the US of A. Purveyors of the almighty classic creeper as well as a non stop supply of updated underground styles for men and women.

    Punk Rave

    If there is one alternative clothing brand that has set the alt scene on fire it is PUNK RAVE. They have redefined Goth fashion, updating it's classic ideas with modern fabrics, making those traditional gothic designs we all love to wear a lot easier and more practical! Punk Rave have also added some Visual Kei and J-Rock flare to Gothic style giving it a much needed up date and pulling it into the now. Not afraid of detail, asymmetry and edgy style, Punk Rave really are the now of Gothic fashion!
  • Punk Rave unique clothing.


    Demonia the epitome of Gothic shoes and boots. If you haven't heard of this brand, where have you been? Demonia are the go to brand for Goth shoes and boots! Champions of the Chunky heel but no stranger to a stiletto, this brand have mastered the weekend shoe and have options for every party occasion, ready to make you drool!
  • Demonia the epitome of Gothic shoes and boots.


    Fresh on the scene Banned Clothing are making some really desirable clothes and accessories. From Rockabilly and 1950's to Trad Goth and heavy rock, Banned make a great variety of pieces. Be sure to take a look at their Steampunk bags and wallets as well as their horror inspired pieces... and if it's summer they do a good swim suit too!
  • Banned Clothing


    Rocker, Punks, Goths and Rivitheads have been using Directions hair dye to create their 'do' since the 90's. A great a brand of alternative hair dye specialising in bright colours in all kinds of shades, there is a colour for every occasion in their collection. Plus they come at a very affordable price! You can team up your Directions dye with their colour protection shampoo and conditioner for longer lasting effects.
  • Directions Hair Dye
  • Crazy Hair Dye Fan Website


    Fabricated discord since 2003, Disturbia have created many memorable and powerful designs for the new wave of heavy metal guy and girl. Famous for their subversion of culture and stereotypes, they make casual clothing for a disillusioned generation, parodying big brands and using occult imagery to create powerful designs.
  • Disturbia Clothing


    Hades, the ultimate in Steampunk shoes and boots. Each pair of Hades shoes has a story and is so uniquely detailed that you can always pick them out of the crowd. With almost their own cult following
  • Hades, the ultimate in steampunk shoes and boots.


    A new ear in cult occult was born with Killstar clothing. Filled with references of modern cult culture and occult symbolism, these stark black and white pieces are taking over the alternative world. Packed with outrageous attitude, something the alt scene has been crying out for, Killstar's clothing is for the bold, the bitchy and the ultra stylish!
  • Killstar Clothing
  • Killstar Facebook Page


    Rockabilly USA brand Sourpuss are not only famous for their awesome 1950 inspired new American clothing but also their 50's inspired and Gothic inspired homeware too! We love their bats blankets and bats towels the best. Be sure to take a look at their nautical themed swing dresses and drag race inspired bowling dresses, all bursting with American diner culture!
  • Soupuss Clothing


    Another modern brand inspired by the nuances of Trad Goth! Loved mainly for their accessories that showcase Goth culture such a The 'Edgar Allen Poe Book Bag' and various vampire pieces, they also make some great clothing too. Clothes from Restyle fall into two camps, printed ultra cool T-shirts, or serious Gothic attire... Both equally exciting in our books.
  • Restyle Clothing


    ANTIBrand are the ultimate in every day alternative wear. Really affordable, well designed and easy to wear, ANTIBrand makes perfect base wardrobe items that do not compromise on style! With great footwear at brilliant high street prices and leggings perfect for casual wear, you need ANTIBrand in your life!
  • AntiBrand clothing boots and shoes


    Well known for their detailed prints depicting everything Gothic from wolves, to bats, to dragons, to reapers! Spiral have been making alternative, Gothic and heavy metal clothing for what feels like forever! A staple brand in every rockers wardrobe, everyone has something Spiral in their closet, and if you don't maybe it's time you got some. They make perfect comfortable, casual, alternative clothing that flatters all shapes and sizes!
  • Spiral printed t-shirts, dresses and ultimate gothic classics.
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